Surrender Techniques

Surrender Techniques

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ते तं भुक्त्वा स्वर्गलोकं विशालं क्षीणे पुण्ये मर्त्यलोकं विशन्ति।
एव त्रयीधर्ममनुप्रपन्ना गतागतं कामकामा लभन्ते।।9.21।।
Te tum bhuktvaswarga lokam vishalam ksheene punye martya lokam vishanti I
Evam “trayi dharmam” anuprapanna gata agatam kama kamah labhante II sloka 21
They, having enjoyed the vast heaven, enter the world of mortals when their merit is exhausted; thus abiding by the injunctions of the “trayi dhramam” (Vedas) and desiring (objects of) desires, they attain to the state of going and returning. It is important to understand the “trayi dhramam” – Rig, Yaju, Sam – Rig is prayer, Yaju is practice, Sam is merging with unity of consciousness. The first step is Rig (Prayer) – this is step by step surrender. Surrender process itself is a big practice. Let’s learn how to perform Rig (Prayer/Surender) out of “trayi dhramam” (3 Vedas) in this part of the course.